we hope to see yOU THIS FALL!

Message from the Pledge Mistress


Your time in college is a place full of many unknowns. College can be scary because for the first time, you are on your own, trying to navigate your future and your new life as an independent adult. College is also a time to make some of the best memories, from staying out too late, going on crazy adventures, pulling all-nighters to study, and exploring everything that is out there. The next four years can seem intimidating, but with the right group of girls, you can find all the support and love you need to help you grow and make lasting memories. Joining Chis has given me a support system to grow into a stronger person, my closest friends, and some of my favorite memories. Chi Alpha Delta embodies strength and courage through empowerment of young individuals and encourages them to excel academically and professionally. I am excited to be the next Pledge Mistress of the new, incoming class, and I can’t wait to see how each and everyone of you can grow through your time in Chis and through the rest of life’s crazy journey.

Alana Le
Raven Class

Our rush events include: Info Night, Social Night, and Garden Party:


Info Night

09/26/17 Tuesday

Learn more about what Chis and what the sorority can do for you


Social Night

09/28/17 Thursday

A night filled with food and dancing with orgs from all over Southern California


Garden Party

09/30/17 Saturday

Hosted at an alumni's residence, garden party is your last event to meet the active house on a personal level.