We're recruiting for 2018-2019! Here are our rush events: 

 An Enchanted Journey with Chis 2018-19

1. INFO NIGHT Wednesday 9/26/18
2. GARDEN PARTY Friday 9/28/18
3. SOCIAL NIGHT Saturday 9/29/18


Message from the Pledge Mistress


The idea of moving away from home and beginning a new life in college made me really excited but also very anxious. It’s an odd period of time where you’re the most independent you’ve ever been and yet, you’re not fully an adult. Although it may seem like you’re venturing into the unknown, remember that there is so much more to this journey. College is also a time where you can make unforgettable memories that you’ll be able fondly remember later on in life. Joining Chis has given me a loving support system to make these unforgettable memories with and made college a lot less intimidating. I found a home away from home and I only hope the same for the newest class. Chi Alpha Delta embodies strength and courage through the empowerment of young women and gives them the confidence to excel in not only academics but also in the professional world. It is an absolute privilege and honor to serve as the new Pledge Mistress for the incoming class, and I am so excited to guide and support you not only in Chis but also in life.

Esther Kim
Panther Class

Our rush events include: Info Night, Garden Party, and Social Night:


Info Night

09/26/18 Wednesday

Learn more about what Chis and what the sorority can do for you


social night

09/29/18 Saturday

Our last event is a night filled with food and dancing with orgs from all over Southern California


Garden party

09/28/18 Friday

Hosted at an alumni's residence, garden party is an exciting event to help you meet the active house on a personal level.