We're recruiting for 2019-2020! Here are our rush events: 

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2. Social Night THURSDAY 9/26/19
3. GARDEN PARTY Saturday 9/28/19


Message from the Pledge Mistress


Before starting college, I remember thinking of it as my chance for a clean slate to find and rebuild myself into the person I wanted to be. Although it was and still is an amazing opportunity to do so, I couldn't help but feel scared to finally make my own decisions and start "adulting". College is a time to explore new interests and desires while making mistakes along the way.

Joining Chis has taught me that these mistakes are not something to be ashamed about, but something to be cherished and remembered as fun memories. The girls in this sorority have done nothing but encourage and support me to get out of my comfort zone and embrace who I really am. In a short 2 years, Chis have transformed my clean slate into a collage of beautiful memories and keepsakes. With Chis, I found a group of girls that will stick with me until the end and I know that the newest class will get the chance to do the same. Chi Alpha Delta empowers young women to succeed in all areas of their life and make the sky their limit. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be Pledge Mistress this year and to guide you, not only through Chis, but life.

Sharon Lam
Robin Class

Our rush events include: Info Night, Garden Party, and Social Night:

Info Night

09/24/19 Tuesday

Learn more about what Chis and what the sorority can do for you.

Garden party

09/28/19 Friday

Hosted at an alumni's residence, garden party is an exciting event to help you meet the active house on a personal level.

social night

09/26/19 Thursday

This event is a night filled with food and dancing with organizations from all over Southern California.