Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rush?

Rush is a time when you meet the sisters of the Chi Alpha Delta sorority.
We have three different events: Info Night, Social Night, and Garden Party.
Come to these events, and you will be given the opportunity to meet many girls from the sorority and UCLA.


What is the difference between Rushing and Pledging?

Rushing is not having the obligation to joining the sorority and everything is free. It's the chance for you to get to know girls from UCLA and decide if our sorority suits you. Pledging is when you dedicate and commit yourself to the sorority for the opportunity to go through fulfilling experiences and the traditions that Chi Alpha Delta has to offer. In return, you'll receive lifelong friendships and learn about the values of sisterhood. Don't feel obligated to pledge while you're attending rush. It should be the perfect opportunity to see if you would like to join the sorority. If you are given a bid at the end of rush week, consider it to be your formal invitation into pledgeship for Chi Alpha Delta.

How do you decide who gets a bid?

There is an application process by which all active members of the sorority convene to discuss bid extensions. Our sorority is a diverse body of girls for which there is no specific "type" that is preferred. We look for girls that exemplify the qualities and ideals we, as a sorority, look to uphold.

What is the difference between Asian Greek and Panhellenic Greek?

The main purposes and practices underlying the Asian Greek system are similar to that of the Panhellenic Greeks. Like the Panhellenic Greeks, we strive for sisterhood, help out community, and set up exchanges. The main difference is that as an Asian interest sorority, most of our members are of Asian descent, though it is not a requirement. While none of the Asian Greeks here at UCLA have houses, we are still able to maintain close bonds as we are slightly smaller in size. Both Asian and Panhellenic sororities are good ways to be a part of the Greek community here at UCLA.

What is the difference between Chis and Thetas?

Theta Kappa Phi is our sister sorority here at UCLA, and like Chis, is a part of the Asian Greek Council of Southern California. Both Chis and Thetas are Asian interest sororities that participate in similar events throughout the year. The main difference is the variety of girls that make up each sorority. We encourage you to check out both sororities to see which group you are more comfortable with.

Is joining a sorority expensive?

Aside from quarterly dues, there are various expenses that go towards food for exchanges, Informals, Formals, Installs, retreats, gifts, etc. Some of these are optional but it does become pricey if you attend everything. However, throughout the year there are fundraisers for the pledge class as well as for the sorority as a whole to help ease some of the financial burden. It is also possible to arrange a payment plan with the Treasurer based on your financial capabilites. We do not want money to be an issue that prevents girls from experiencing Chis!


If you have any more questions or want to find out more information about Chi Alpha Delta and our rush events, check us out on Facebook or

contact the president or Pledge mistress!