Chi Alpha Delta was organized in May 1928, at the University of California at Los Angeles under the guidance of Helen M. Laughlin, Dean of Women. A year later, on April 5, 1929, the sorority was officially recognized with the granting of a charter by the University.

In founding Chi Alpha Delta, the charter members recognized a need to promote friendships, communication, and social activity among University women of Asian descent, as well as a desire to encourage school service and school spirit. Throughout the years, Chis have accepted women of all Asian descent into its sisterhood in hopes that its original purpose would not be forgotten but passed on from one generation to the next.

Chis were rendered inactive during World War II from 1942 to 1945 as most of its members were unable to attend at UCLA. At the end of World War II, the sorority was reorganized in September 1946. Since that time, each class has added its own personality to the make-up of the sorority so that today the tradition and heritage of the sorority is a complex mixture of 91 years of experience and time.


Lillian Shizuko Ando
Rosa Ando
Chieko Goh
Fumi Iwasaki
Yone Kawatsu
Haruyo Komai
Tomiko Kusayanagi
Pauline Yuri Masuda
Mary Aiko Mizue
Shizue Morey
Alice (Asahi) Ohama
Haruko Ruth Saito
Helen Kiyoko Tomio
Yone Tomio


Colors: Green for thoughtfulness
              Lavender for graciousness
Stars: Modesty and Justice
Knight's Hood: Honor
Torch: Scholarship
Flower: Wisteria
Motto: Esse Potius Quam Videri
                       It is better to be than seem to be
Date of Recognition:  April 5, 1929