Some events to look forward to every year:


Alumni Picnic

A time when many generations of Chis gather to enjoy the spring weather and reminisce together while activities such as a crafts tables and easter egg hunts are prepared for the little children of alumnae


Battle of the Pledges

Each year, our newest class competes in a dance competition hosted by Theta Kappa Phi. This year, the Pumas class had an incredible time performing to raise money for charity and won first place!


Charter Day

An annual celebration of our charter and rich history with the active house and alumnae


A traditional celebration to introduce the new class to the rest of Asian Greek Council, filled with pictures, food, and more! 


One of the most exciting and anticipated events for Chis, this is a celebration to officially welcome the new class into the sorority! Big sisses gift their littles with XAD letters, snacks, and more! 


Chis give thanks and join together as a house; this event is pot-luck style and everyone gets to try each other's favorite dishes!


A night filled with food, fun games, and photos, Chis and friends come together to celebrate the holidays!


Winter, Spring, and Summer retreats are mini adventures the active house

takes to share endless laughs and lifelong memories